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NFL Player Motivated to Create Opportunities for Youth

Alumnus pursues dream of opening a community center in his hometown.

Latavius Murray G’20 knows what it takes to make dreams come true. Through hard work and determination, he has journeyed from the high school football fields of Central New York to a stellar career as an NFL running back. “I understand that every successful moment I’ve had in football has been a dream come true, and I’ve been able to keep a humble mentality about it,” says Murray, now with the Denver Broncos. A free agent this season, he initially joined the New Orleans Saints practice squad—his second stint with the team—and moved into the starting rotation in week four, rushing for a touchdown in the Saints’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings in London. “I’m very hungry and want to play more and do more, but I do, at times, sit back and appreciate what I’ve been able to do coming from where I’ve come from,” he says.