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Inside Eric Devendorf’s quarantine workouts with Buddy Boeheim

Buddy Boeheim hits the gym for about four hours each day, lifting weights, lofting countless shots, and working to improve his agility. Then he shoots again at night. His work ethic has reached the point that his parents urge him to take a day off every once in a while. Boeheim, a rising junior at Syracuse, has always been this way. During the past few months in quarantine, he has continued his ferocious attention to his craft, working out with former Syracuse guard Eric Devendorf at his family’s court in Fayetteville, N.Y. For years, Devendorf has trained Boeheim, playing a supporting role in the sharpshooter’s strong sophomore season: He averaged 15.3 points per game, up from 6.8 as a freshman, while shooting 37 percent from deep.

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