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ED23 Foundation’s Hat, Scarf, and Glove Giveaway: Bringing a Little Warmth to Syracuse’s Underprivileged Youth

SYRACUSE, NY – In the heart of downtown Syracuse, where the winter chill bites deep, Eric Devendorf’s ED23 Foundation will be providing a little warmth at an upcoming Hat, Scarf, and Glove Giveaway event, set to take place at the Boys & Girls Club, Central Village, on January 6th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.


Behind this heartwarming initiative stands a coalition of compassionate sponsors like Printing & Promotional Solutions, Limp Lizard BBQ, Ale “N” Angus Pub, and PTM Solar. Their support has made it possible for the ED23 Foundation to purchase over 1000 brand-new gloves, 1000 scarves, and 1000 hats. This outpouring of generosity isn’t just about items; it’s about providing warmth and dignity to those who need it most in the impoverished corners of Syracuse.


“Each scarf, glove, and hat is a small act of kindness, made possible by our sponsors whose commitment goes beyond business.” Says Devendorf “It’s our way of standing with Syracuse’s underprivileged youth, a promise that they are seen, cared for, and valued.”


Todd Ruetsch, owner of Printing and Promotional Solutions and ED23 Foundation Chair, shares, “Growing up in Syracuse, I’ve seen the struggles firsthand. Being part of this initiative isn’t just giving back; it’s a way to pay it forward and make a tangible difference in these kids’ lives. It’s an honor to contribute to such a meaningful cause.”


Eric and the ED23 Foundation, supported by its sponsors, will be distributing these winter essentials to anyone in need. The event will run from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Boys & Girls Club, 212 Van Buren St., Syracuse. For more information about the event and the ED23 Foundation, visit www.ED23foundation.org.


About ED23 Foundation: At the ED23 Foundation, we empower our community’s youth with holistic growth, merging sports training and leadership education. Led by Eric Devendorf, SU basketball legend, coach, and philanthropist, we’re shaping future stars through community, skill development, and empowerment.

Hat, Scarf, Glove Drive